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    Career TraInIng InternshIps

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    Career TraInIng InternshIps

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    Career TraInIng InternshIps

    In The UnIted States

ICD USA Introduction

Each year thousands of students and young professionals from the entire world arrive to the USA in order to obtain valuable professional experience and global job skills, to improve English skills or simply to have an unforgettable life experience.

Source: US Department of State, Visa Statistics

ICD USA has been founded and established in the United States with direct partnership with one of ex-participants of the USA Internship / Training Program with a clear mission to make this process easy, professional and affordable to all.

Over the years we have been working with over 100 companies, placing students and experienced graduates into internship and training programs.

What are the Benefits of Hiring International Interns/Trainees (J1 visa)?

  • You cut costs and save on taxes (you do not pay Medicare, Social Security or Unemployment Taxes on international students)
  • Each participant has pre-paid health insurance and sufficient funds to cover the cost of living (US Department of State Requirements)
  • Qualified and Professional Interns - All interns are currently enrolled in a university or post secondary institution or recently graduated from one
  • Committed to interning in the U.S. for up to 18 months
  • Fluent in English and other languages including German, French, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Japanese
  • All the applicants are pre-screened, pre-qualified and selected based on your criteria. They sign a contract which ensures full commitment and To meet all the job requirements
  • Your interns/trainees from abroad are highly motivated, eager to learn and contribute, and are often ready to work overtime
  • Many come to the United States to gain international experience and to learn more about US business practices because they are the best, brightest and most adventurous students from their countries
  • All positions are full-time, at last 32h/week; average is 40h/week
  • Our service is FREE for the employer
  • Minimal paperwork for the employer. Virtually, all paperwork is handled by the applicant and ICD USA
  • No sponsorship is required from the employer for J1 visa

Why choose ICD USA?

  • We specialize in internship programs for college-educated international professionals in Business, Finance, Management, Marketing, Accounting, Web Design, IT, PR, Law, Architecture, Engineering and other. We can help you find qualified and dedicated interns/trainees, cut your costs and gain a competitive advantage at the same time.
  • ICD USA has big pool of students and recent graduates.
  • We interview candidates before we accept them into the program and verify their diplomas and references
  • Our service is FREE for the employer
  • Visa papers take about 4-5 weeks; we take care of all paperwork to make process as easy as possible for all parties
  • ICD USA advises interns about different types of accommodation and provides information about affordable housing options available and assists them to find the most suitable one. We also provide a list of inexpensive hotels and hostels to accommodate your candidates on their first few days upon arrival.
  • We offer help and support during the entire program

How to start and what steps are included in the process?



Isn't it illegal to hire international students because they do not have a green card?

No. Federal regulations permit the employment of international students J-1 visas within certain limits. These visas allow students to work in jobs related to their major field of study.

Even if it's legal to hire international students, won't it cost a lot of money and involve a lot of paperwork?

No. The only cost to the employer hiring international students is the time and effort to interview and select the best candidate for the job. The International Career Development office handles the paperwork involved in securing the work authorization for J-1 students. In fact, a company may save money by hiring international students because the majority of them are exempt from Social Security (FICA), Medicare and unemployment tax requirements.

How long can international students work in the United States with their student visa?

Students with a J-1 visa are usually eligible to work up to 18 months.

Don't international students need work authorization before I can hire them?

No. International students must have the work authorization before they begin actual employment, but not before they are offered employment. In fact, J-1 students must have a written job offer in order to apply for the work authorization.

What if I want to continue to employ international students after their work authorization expires?

With a bit of planning ahead, an employer can hire international students to continue to work for them in the H-1B visa category for a total of six years (authorization is granted in two three-year periods).

Doesn't an employer have to prove that international students are not taking jobs from a qualified American?

No. American employers are not required to document that a citizen of another country did not take a job from a qualified American if that person is working under an F-1, J-1 or H-1B visa. Employers must document that they did not turn down a qualified American applicant for the position only when they wish to hire foreign citizens on a permanent basis and sponsor them for a permanent resident status ("green card").

Do you still have questions or doubts? We are happy to discuss program details with you.

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