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    Career TraInIng InternshIps

    In The UnIted States

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    Career TraInIng InternshIps

    In The UnIted States

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    Career TraInIng InternshIps

    In The UnIted States

InternatIonal Career Development |

Do you want be immersed in American culture while also building professional skills in your chosen field? Do you want to learn about your field from a completely new perspective while also having the experience of a lifetime? Then our Internship and Trainee Programs are for you! Add international experience to your resume, build your global network, improve your language skills and take time to travel the country and make friends.

Why Us?

We are not the only internship and training program out there, and we know there are other options. But at ICD USA we take a very personal approach to finding the perfect position for each student. Rather than just submitting resumes to every company, we review both the student’s resume and educational experience as well as the host company’s requirements and preferences to find the match that will be most beneficial for both participants.

Our placement success in an amazing 98% of our applicants. Not only do we have a high success rate of placing students, in most cases we are able to find the placement within a few weeks. The swift placement and high success rate alone set us apart from many of our competitors, but when you factor in our caring, personal approach, as well as the additional services we perform, we stand high above the competition.

To Summarize, the Benefits of Organizing Internship/Training with ICD USA:

What our program participants say

Jordi S. from Spain – San Francisco, CA

Looking for internship opportunities in the USA is always very hard for people from overseas. The paperwork is overwhelming, it's hard to contact directly to the companies, and they are usually very busy to attend people from abroad. Meeting ICD USA was a relief on my search for an intern/trainee program and made my journey to get the VISA very smooth.

Since the beginning ICD USA provided all the information needed, offered me great internship opportunities and negotiate my stipend getting it even better than expected.

I am happy to recommend ICD USA as the best way to take the next step in your career and be successful in it!

Alex L. from Russia– Las Vegas, NV

My Internship company really great! Especially thanks to my program coordinator! I couldn’t even imaging that training will find me so soon! I tried find internship in many companies in Russia and they tried to find me internship too…they are still trying to find I guess :) Then I faced a ICD web site in the internet…I red all about it, made surfing on forums for feedbacks about this company. So I didn’t meet bad feedbacks and filled up application. Andrey call me back really fast, give me future advices what I need to prepare and how I can quickly make my English better to succeed in interview with companies. On every step I get fully instruction materials and good advices. He helped me in making resume, portfolio, preparing to interview and so on. If where were appearing some problems Andrey easily solved them with a rocket speed! :)…

Now I’m in Las Vegas in good company. Have a trainee program on 1 year as a .Net Developer. All promises that was given to me from company become real. The salary I receive now the same as have being promised to me. Company really good and there are a lot of benefits and all treat me great!

So if someone searching for opportunity to gain great experience in USA, I strongly recommend you ICD! The service costs lower than in the other companies that dealing with international trainee programs (I checked this because have applications in several companies!) but service is on high level! I’m really enjoying my internship. Thx ICD!!! ;)

Katharina P from Russia – San Francisco, CA

I would like to say big-big thank you to this company and especially to my coordinator in helping me finding the internship. It was not easy but he was extremely helpful and patient, helping me with all the information and sometimes just personal advice. I always had all e-mails in time, the interviews were set up properly, really professional work. I am in San Francisco now, ready to start my internship, really-really happy that I had a chance to work with that company!

Sabine R. from Austria – New York, NY

Thanks to ICD USA I got the most amazing internship in NYC! Getting international experience is very important in the global economy, but finding an internship abroad proved to be very difficult without the help of an agency.

Finding a good agency proved even more complicated, as they all had different kind of fees and payments which made them difficult to compare and find a decent one.

Fortunately I found out about ICD. ICD USA has a clear fee structure they gave clear information about the process and payments one needs to make before the internship gets started. ICD also provides info on the VISA process and also helps you with finding the right accommodation. I could always count on ICD’s help. I could go through the process without any difficulties. I am so looking forward to my internship in one of the most amazing cities in the US. Thank you ICD.

Rano S. from Russia – New York, NY

I want to thank ICD for outstanding services they provided during my job search, enabling me to get the most useful and exciting marketing experience in NYC.

Svetlana S. from Kazakhstan – San Francisco area, CA

I would like to thank ICD USA and say my personal thanks to my Program Coordinator for giving me the amazing opportunity to start my training program as well as for his professional guidance and encouragement throughout the whole process. I appreciate the information and advices you have given, I always felt I could turn to you if I had any questions or concerns. ICD USA provides a one stop solution for those who would like to obtain valuable international experience and develop professional skills to help your future career.

Francesco F. from Italy– San Francisco, CA

-If you come to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair-

I take this opportunity to thank ICD USA for supporting me and making me realize my Californian dream.

I moved from Italy to San Francisco about 1 month ago and I've started this amazing experience in this beautiful place.

I really love California so far, happy and smiling people all the time makes your days always positive and brilliant; the city, the food, the multiculturalism makes this city a vibrant and libertine place, where everyone is free and unique.

ICD USA helped me in the whole process, from the interviews with the companies until the last step of booking my flight tickets and I have to say that without them it would have been very hard and not easy to get where I am now.

The company where I'm having my internship is very nice, I've been working seriously and I think this experience can be an excellent opportunity to expand my knowledge and improve my skills on the implementation of different types of projects being involved in this environment full of design and creativity.

I'm sure that every day spent here it will be a great opportunity for my future career both personal and working one.

I really think that Internationality nowadays is the core of great professional experiences and the key to success! Love from the sunny and happy California.

Roman A. from Russia– San Francisco, CA

Visa Approved - the final dot in the process! 18 months in San Francisco in on-line marketing start-up! ICD USA made it possible! Sincere thanks to my program coordinator for professional attitude and cooperation.

ICD USA gives you the way to the next level...the level of immense personal and professional growth!

Diana S. from Russia– New York, NY

I do always recommend ICD USA to all my friends looking for an internship. Why? ICD USA is an amazing company helping all the students and young professionalism realize their dreams!
I would like to thank especially my program coordinator for his professionalism, creativity and sense of humor…

Albert S. from UK– New York, NY

I was very happy to choose ICD USA for organizing my intern. From getting me high quality internship in Wall Street felicitous to my professional analyst career prospect to organizing all documents to get the visa. I also benefited from getting advice about accommodation which saved me the time and money.

Thank you for your help and I am happy to recommend the ICD USA with flying colors to anyone who is serious about his/her career path.

Kiran K. from Germany– New York, NY

ICD USA ist einfach klasse um die Karriere weiter voranzubringen. Durch deren vielfältigen Kontakte zu unterschiedlichen Unternehmen, gibt es erstklassige Möglichkeiten ein praktikum zu bekommen. Auch der Kontakt zum Mitarbeiter war super, ob über Skype oder per Email. Sehr informativ und auch immer sehr schnell.

Aigul B. from Kazakhstan– Los Angeles area, CA

ICD USA is very good and major company, which settled in time to find the employer to me in IT sector, as well as in the state where I wanted to go. Company has expert's skills staff, which provide work for you with all your requirements. I express my special thanks and wish ICD USA further success and growth.

Daniele G. from Italy- San Francisco, CA

ICD USA successfully helped me in finding a good internship in the USA in just few months. I tried by myself and it didn't work, with them everything was really fast. I really appreciated the effort made to make me get a better contract. They are very professional, and try to accomplish any request if possible.

Thomas R. from France– New York, NY

ICD USA helped me to find an internship, It was fast and respected my wishes ... They've been present for my questions and concerns.

Dmitry G. from Russia– Los Angeles area, CA

Great work! ICD USA satisfied all of my expectations. That was the right choice to pick this company. Thanks to my program coordinator for help on every stage of internship preparing process. His professional approach and attention to every detail have led to excellent results. Thank you! You opened amazing opportunities to me!

Polina P. from Ukraine – Los Angeles area, CA

I would like to thank you for all the support and guidance I got from ICD USA. The company helped me on the every stage and provided with smooth, quick and efficient process. I tried to find a traineeship on my own before, but it took so much time with so poor results. My lesson was that professionals know better what to do to reach the best results in their area - and I can state that ICD USA is a professional agency.

My personal experience of traineeship is really illuminating and exciting. I’m working in my area of expertise within company I like, with a team of great people.

I can already feel what a huge contribution will these 12 months make to my future career path. And I stay in gorgeous sunny California, enjoying it’s weather and beautiful places around.

Marion L. from Germany, – Los Angeles, CA

I was planning on going for an internship in USA for a long time. My initial plan was to find an internship on my own. About 3 months I spend on doing research and sending applications. It was very frustrating experience as I got no single reply… So I started looking for an agency.

ICD USA had the most informative site, besides that the best prices also. They helped me to rewrite my resume according to US standards and in two months I had my first interview…

I was continuously challenged with projects and assignments which encompassed a wide range of arenas. I learned more at this internship that I would have at any other due to the amount of responsibility that I was given, coupled with the continuous feedback that I received.

Alex L. from Switzerland, – Chicago, IL

Getting international experience is very crucial in the global economy, so I had no second thoughts about it.

ICD USA has clear fee structure, they gave all information about the process and payments I needed before I had to make any commitment. Even though I just graduated and had practically no experience, the company gave me the chance to learn and prove myself. Learning with the team has been a rewarding and unforgettable experience…

Ira N. from Germany– New York, NY

I love New York and I loved my internship! Thank you ICD USA! Before accepting the internship position, I knew that as a hard worker I would be able to adapt and learn new things that were presented to me. However, with little experience and practice in this area, I was obviously concerned about my contribution and positive influence. Looking back on my internship, I realize that I have learned far more than I had expected.

Stephan R. from Austria – San Francisco, CA (12 months)

I was confident that I do not need to pay extra money for placement search. After extensive research I found a couple of web sites which give you an access to online internship data bases for monthly fee. After 6 months membership and zero success and realized I needed a new strategy. I found references to ICD USA in a forum while I was looking for a new plan…

The internship experience enriched my resume in a very positive way; I applied classroom theory to real-life practice on a regular basis. During my internship, I have played a very active role in researching, developing, marketing, and participating in client meetings.

Pereowei O. from Nigeria – Los Angeles, CA

A very big thank you to ICD USA and my Program Coordinator! I always wanted an IT internship. Andrey was immensely helpful, he always guided me on the next step, arranged a position for me. I'm enjoying my time here. ICD is surely the firm to go if you want an internship in the US

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